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Telemedicine and telerehabilitation in Northern Denmark

Innovation, Testing and Assessment

Eir has been and still is part of several telemedicine and telerehabilitation projects, from innovation of new technologies to assessment of implemented technologies. Examples of these projects include;

  • Teledi@log

Implementing telemedicine and rehabilitation requires collaboration across several organisations and disciplines and being successful in this requires know-how and prior experience in running such multifaceted projects.

In this context the close collaboration within the Eir partners is of great value.

Innovations of telemedicine and telerehabilitation:

As a company interested in entering into collaboration with the Eir partnership in relation to innovations of telemedicine and telerehabilitation there are some preliminary considerations to make.

1) What type of innovation are you pursuing?


2) At what stage of the innovation process is your project?

Innovation process

Testing of telemedicine and telerehabilitation:

Testing telemedicine and telerehabilitation requires all implicated parties to participate. Usually this includes end-user/patients, health-care professionals and researchers. Working across these institutional barriers takes planning and experience.

Eir can help you to get into contact with the different professionels you need in order to test your new telemedicine and telerehabilitation technologies. This includes getting in contact with your end-users and qualified health-care professionals and researchers with experience in testing of telemedicine and telerehabilitation.

Assessment of telemedicine and telerehabilitation:

Finally Eir can also help you assess and evaluate on new telemedicine and telerehabilitation technologies, both in terms of customised assessments and in performing MAST-assessment* of your new telemedicine or telerehabilitation technology. The MAST model is recommended as a framework for evaluation of telemedicine in the Danish Regions' Telemedicine Strategy (2011).

For contact information please contact the Eir secreteriat.


*MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine) is a European evaluation model. It is currently used in more than 30 studies of telemedicine and welfare technology and in more than 20 European regions.



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