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Mobile Heart Lung Machine Technology

15 years ago we started animal experiments with different systems for treatment of patients suffering cardiac arrest because of accidental hypothermia. We developed an organisation with a turn-out team assisting all over the country supported by the Air Force.

The treatment of patients suffering cardiac arrest because of accidental hypothermia involves a lot of technical items, and during the years all the systems have been improved, and today there are many commercial systems for the treatment with a mobile heart lung machine for either heart failure or lung failure.

hjerte lunge

But we still try to stay in a leading position in developing systems to make non suspected survivors have a chance. We are doing this partly from continually experiences with patients and with animal experiments.

Almost all technical equipment can be further improved. It involves blood pumping systems now with pumps given the patient a continuous non-pulsating flow, which we assume could be better with pulsating blood flow. It involves oxygenators in the setup, with warming and cooling using a heat exchanger. Now we use warm or cold water from a heater-cooler, which is very heavy to bring with us. Maybe another technical solution with a controlled temperature could be developed. The whole setup for transporting a very intensive patient connected to a heart lung machine is a challenge with a lot of electrical wires, infusion tubes, ventilator etc.

If a patient is circulated with a heart lung machine there may also be need for blood dialysis, and we think this can be incorporated in the system.

When treating a patient with severe lung problems, COLD or asthma, it is possible to use only the lung part of the machine. There are many possibilities for improving pumps and blood catheters for the treatment of severe lung failure.

We have the possibility of testing new materials in animal models, of course in every case after an approval from the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate.

If you are interested in starting collaborations with Aalborg University Hospital in regards to some of the many possible projects concerning the transport and treatment of patients suffering cardiac arrest because of accidental hypothermia, then please contact the Eir secretariat



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