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Telemedicine and Telerehabilitation
Telehealth and Telerehab
Implementing telemedicine and rehabilitation requires collaboration across several organisations and disciplines and being successful in this requires know-how and prior experience in running such multifaceted projects. In this context the close collaboration within the Eir partners. Read more...
Tongue Control System
TKS som platform
As a company involved in the development of welfare and rehabilitation technologies and products, Aalborg University can offer you a unique technology platform that potentially could broaden the user groups of your technology or product. Read more...
Mobile Heart Lung Machine Technology
hjerte lunge
The treatment of patients suffering cardiac arrest because of accidental hypothermia involves a lot of technical items, and during the years all the systems have been improved. But almost all technical equipment can be further improved. It involves blood pumping systems as well as oxygenators. Read more...




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