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Research Cases at Aalborg University (10-18)

Towards an index of stability of auditory evoked potentials
The aim of the project is to establish a database of Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEP) s in response to different stimuli to develop better screening devices in order to better assess hearing problems and rund preliminary analysis of the AEPs using information theory apporaches. Read more...
Analgesic drug screening and development
Analgesic drug screening and development
The project conducts a human experimental method-based study in order to establish and validate a novel headache model. When validated, one of the applications of the model will be to screen drugs for novel analgesic compounds for headaches. Read more...
Grinding Ergometer Test Platform
The focus of the project is to build a prototype of a grinding ergometer at Aalborg University (AAU) inspired by a close collaboration with the company Harken in Milan. The grinding test platform is also expected to work as a selection method for grinders and for evaluating training progression. Read more...
Development and test of CUFF-technology for new diagnostic methods
A new pre-operative and predictive monitoring tool based on a CUFF technology, has been developed with the purpose of monitoring patients before and after operation in order to predict which patients will benefit from an operation. Read more...
APP to identify chronic pain after thoracotomy
APP to identify chronic pain after thoracotomy s
The focus of the project is by means of a newly developed smartphone application (APP) to carry through an electronic study with the purpose of contributing with new knowledge about pain development post-operatively after thoracotomies for lung cancer. Read more...
Mobile Pressure Algometry System
Mobile algometry
The project focuses on achieving better technical documentation and user interfaces opening for more proof-of-concept studies and on carrying out feasibility studies on transferring the immobile system to a more mobile and clinical usable system. Read more...


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