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The project is innovative and challenges the limits of existing national and international research projects in this area. The existing rehabilitation offered to cardiac patients in Denmark is inadequate. Only 3% of the more than 86,000 Danes hospitalized each year with cardiovascular disorders receive some kind of rehabilitation. Read more...
Clinical evaluation of technology platform for environmental control for severely disabled people
The focus of the project is to examine and test a prototype of a tongue controlled system aimed at disabled people to see if they can use the system to operate assistive devices. In the project the platform will be used for evaluation of PC and wheelchair control. Read more...
Navigate Pain


Navigate Pain2

Navigate Pain is an assessment tool which offers advanced quantifications and visualizations of pain. This new APP is a valuable resource for basic research and clinic environments and has been designed by and made for healthcare and research professionals within pain management. Read more...
Implantable therapy for treatment of hyper-tension

The aim has been to develop a novel method for monitoring blood pressure by processing vagus nerve signals. It is estimated that 1 billion patients worldwide are affected by arterial hypertension, which represents a major risk factor for heart and renal failure, stroke, an myocardial infarction. Read more...
Non-invasive assess- ment of human pain- sensing nerve fibers

The project aims to develop a technology platform for examining the human pain sensing nerve fibers in relation to different diseases and in relation to the use of different kinds of medicine. The electrophysiological method developed in the project focuses on finding out if and how a certain product works. Read more...
Dental hypersensitivity

Dental Hypersensitivity
The overall aim of this project is to provide information about QST (quantitative sensory testing) on the dental tissue of healthy human and patients with dentinal hypersensitivity. This will provide clinical important information on the diagnosis and evaluation of treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity. Read more...
Intra-oral Sensory Testing Platform

The goal of the project is to enable both research and industry to develop better treatment strategies for persons with chronic pain or disease of the intra-oral tissues (e.g. burning mouth syndrome, of which our research group has previously studied) and other related conditions. Read more...
Technology for identification of fall risk in stroke patients

Fall prevention
The objective of the present project is to reduce the economic burden of stroke by providing proof-of-concept for a novel technology for assessing the risk of falls for stroke patients. The focus will be to provide a technology that is cost-effective and simple to apply either by rehabilitation centers or in the home of the patients. Read more...
Validation of cell-based technology platform for modulation of the responses from new compounds
Validation of Cell-based
The objective of the project is to conduct basic pre-clinical studies on candidate compounds in order to validate a newly established cell-based technology platform at Aalborg University. This platform/method has a potential application in drug screening for novel analgesic compounds. Read more...


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