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Eir's partner TKS A/S launches "ITongue" in september 2012

The ITongue system can enhance the quality of live for people around the world who, with this technology, will now be able to exceed their capabilities and go beyond their normal bounds of possiblities. And this simply by means of using the tongue!

itongue TKS_Eir

TKS A/S, a spin-off company from Aalborg University, who shares the ownership with NOVI Innovation A/S and Bevica Innovation A/Sspecializes in developing and producing wireless interface systems. "ITongue" is a patented tongue control system, which originates from Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Department of Health Science & Technology, Aalborg University. The innovative collaboration fostered and allowed for a process which has resulted in emerging from "Proof of Technology" to "Proof of Concept".

Gert Spender, CEO of TKS A/S was interviewed in the Danish TV show "Aftenshowet", where he explained how e.g. people suffering from spinal cord injuries are now offered a very helpful tool in their everyday life. "They are in fact offered a third hand, you could say", Gert Spender argues. "By using this system, your tongue can for instance help you send an SMS or write an e-mail".

“The advantage of  the ITongue system is not alone the advanced technology which the system is based on, but also that it can be controlled by using your tongue. The tongue is a very flexible and mobile muscle which can be active for a long period of time compared with other muscles. Beside this, the tongue can be controlled very precisely”, Lotte N. S. Andreassen Struijk, Associate Professor, Aalborg University, says. 

The tongue control system can also be used to control a wheel chair. One of the ground-breaking elements in developing the "ITongue" system is that wheel chair users have participated in the product development process, and they all expressed a wish for a tool, which would not only ease their everyday life practically, but also esthetically. 

Please visit the following links for further information about the ITongue project:

(All articles and interviews are unfortunately only available in Danish)

Gert Spender, TKS A/S in "Aftenshowet" 5 June 2012

"Nu kan lammede styre kørestolen med tungen", 4 June 2012

"Fjernsynet styres med tungen"
Jyllandsposten, Ny Viden, 8 June 2012

"Tungen kan hjælpe svært handicappede tilbage til livet", 4 June 2012

Interview with Lotte N.S. Andreassen Struijk, Aalborg University
Radio 24Syv, 8 June 2012






Eir's participation in E-Health Week 2012

E-Health Week is the largest annual gathering of the European health communities. E-Health Week is organized by HIMMS Europe, the European Commission and the country which holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union. More than 2500 delegates attended E-Health Week 2012 which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7-9 May 2012. The main focal points of the conference were patient empowerment and chronic diseases management - both topics involving business and investment opportunities in the various health care research areas. (reference: Health Tech Wire)

Eir took the opportunity to promote its many new initiatives and activities at the World of Health IT exhibition: WoHIT 2012. Together with representatives from Aalborg University, Denmark (Danish Centre for Health Informatics, School of Medicine and Health and e-Health Tech Center) Eir was one of the 98 exhibitors at the 3-day exhibition.

Aalborg University's booth was well-attended and many network opportunities arose. The combination of the 4 areas represented at the booth turned out very successful. Our researchers and representatives met with international company representatives, industrial health care professionals, care givers etc. and took the opportunity to discuss development of welfare technology and IT health solutions - and not least the deployment and implementation of these.

Eir at WoHIT 2012



Daniel Johansen presented his research performed in connection with writing his Ph.D. thesis. The robotic hand is controlled by a patented tongue control system, which originates from Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University.

The activities of the tongue control system are now managed and further developed by TKS A/S which is a spin-off company from Aalborg University.

During the past 5 years TKS A/S and its researchers have experienced the process of emerging from "Proof of Technology" to "Proof of Concept".



Eir at WoHIT 2012

Eir at WoHIT 2012

 Eir at WoHIT 2012


Eir at WoHIT 2012








Eir fuels clinical drugs development

Focusing on the Danish clinical trial environment Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Director of Eir, will deliver a keynote speech on: "Excellence in Early Drug Development" at the 9th annual Anglonordic Biotech Conference held on 24 May 2012 in London.


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