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Prof. Lars Arendt-Nielsen receives grant from Japan

LAN Shionogi

Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction has been awarded DKK 5 mil. by The Shionogi Science Program. This is the first Shionogi Science Center of Excellence Program given to a Danish research unit.

The Shionogi Science Program is a dedicated foundation under the Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi.

The Center of Excellence will be dedicated to "Development, validation, and application of novel mechanistic pain biomarkers" over the coming 5 years.

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Public food service in China and the Nordic countries

Once a again Eir cooperates with Aalborg University's research group AAU-MENU. This time the focal point is public food service in China versus the Nordic countries.

"Our aim with the Food4Growth project is to compare the public food service and the differenct approaches to food served at hospitals in the Nordic countries and in China. After comparing the different approaches we can then, by sharing and comparing experiences, use the results to improve the quality of public food service in both areas." Chen He, MENU (Meal Science & Public Health Nutrition) research group, Aalborg University.

Please click here for the full article or here to read the press release

(The article and the press release are both written in Danish)



Teledi@log: Technology directly to the patients

The Danish magazine "RASK" has recently published a series of articles focusing on welfare technology. The Teledi@log project, which successfully brings technology to Danish patients, is presented in one of the articles.

Please click here to read the article (p. 40-41)

(The article is in Danish)




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