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Teledi@log on TV2 Nord

Birthe Dinesen_EirOn 30 July 2013 the project Teledi@log was presented on TV2 Nord. Associate Professor and Project Manager Birthe Dinesen, Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University and one of the heart disease patients participating in the project were interviewed.

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Intelligent food in the future

On 24 June a conference was held at Aalborg University (click here for a description of the event).

75 representatives from local companies, hospitals, and public and private institutions took the opportunity to discuss todays' food served at hospitals, public institutions, etc.

New technologies and systems registering and measuring patients' ingestion of food were presented. A so-called intelligent food buffet was also demonstrated and discussed. Researchers from Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital pointed out the importance of chosing a nutritionally correct diet for the patients to reduce complications, reduce the course of disease, and perhaps even enhance the quality of life for the patients.

The organisors of the event was EIR - Empowering Industry and Research  and AAU-MENU in cooporation with CET Aalborg University Hospital, Food+Design, Kost & Ernæringsforbundet, FoodServInSPIRe og FoodTura.

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Teledi@log and the new welfare model

Teledi@log and the new welfare model

"Nordens Välfärdscenter" (Nordic Welfare Center) points out the tele-medicine research results of TeleKat at Aalborg University as essential factors in the new nordic welfare model.

The tele-medicine project TeleKat (treatment of COPD patients at home) has inspired researchers to start-up the large scale project Teledi@log. The Eir supported Teledi@log project has placed its focus on rehabilitation of heart patients. The idea behind the project is to develop tele-rehabilitation concepts and technologies, so that all types of heart patients, regardless of severity, can be offered individualised, differentiated and coordinated tele-rehabilitation across sectors.

Click here to read the article from "Nordens Välfärdscenter" (pp 42-43)



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