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Research co-operation

Co-operation between researchers and industry can be on short or long-term basis. Eir supports initiatives that can encourage and facilitate co-operation between external partners and the many highly qualified researchers at Aalborg University or the regional hospitals. 

Some of the implemented financial instruments are:

  • Co-financing of researchers

  • Co-financing of Ph.D. students

  • Co-financing of laboratory equipment

  • Center of Excellences

Entering into a research or development co-operation gives access to advanced technological and interdisciplinary research competences within many interdisciplinary areas e.g. medicine, translational research, biomedical technology/engineering, sports sciences.

Co-operation also opens for access to already ongoing national and international networks with other research institutions and industries.

The Contract Offices affiliated (at Aalborg University and in the North Denmark Region) to Eir are helpful in drafting and negotiating collaborative research agreements between the researchers and the external parties in order to secure an acceptable and balanced legal position for both parties. Collaboration with Eir provides many options and great flexibility for the external parties.



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