Research & Business Park

Company formation

Establishing a business in Denmark is easy and cost effective:

  • Quick informal and cost-efficient establishment procedures

  • Online incorporation of new companies – ready to do business within a few hours

  • No notarial deeds

  • Tax efficient to establish Nordic headquarter in Denmark compared with other Nordic Countries

  • No resident requirements for management, Board of Directors, or Supervisory Board

  • Shareholders and board meetings can be held electronically

Eir works with academics, researchers and entrepreneurs. Eir helps with novel intellectual property to turn the discoveries into companies that can benefit of industrial development and patients and bring rewards to those researchers and staff who are willing to commercialize their work by bringing you in contact with the right people.

Via Eir´s network and partnership help can be provided at each step of the way. Our help range from working out a business plan, attracting venture capital, building your executive team, preparing for investor meetings to providing your fledging company with laboratory and office space - and not least advising you on your product development and research strategies.



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