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Eir acts as one-point-of-entry to the research and clinical facilities in the region. This helps to facilitate collaboration with a broad range of basic and clinical research environments, hospital departments, community-based care centers, and local companies.

Collaborations with the large pool of undergraduate and graduate students in the area of health sciences and technology add as a significant opportunity for local companies.

Based on the research, research facilities and research-based education of North Denmark, Eir helps in collaboration with private partners to transform knowledge into new products and services.

Joint Eir Innovation Model 

The partners of Eir have developed a joint innovation model. The model contains both linear and iterative aspects between and within the different innovation phases. The basis of the model is interdisciplinarity coupled with domain knowledge across disciplines and sectors. The model takes its starting point in a relevant problem and focuses on user involvement, which is consistent with Eir´s vision to offer tests and clinical trials of new products and solutions.
The model is an illustration of how each individual Eir knowledge institution works with innovation. Further, the model can also be considered a joint innovation model for the entire Eir partnership as it represents the value creation and food chain represented by the Eir partners in correlation with each other.
The different Eir partners occur in the model when they are involved in the different phases depending on the required domain knowledge.

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