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Global Innovation Camp 2014

Business development for innovative technology companies in North Denmark

GLOBAL Innovation Camp 2014 is an internationalization camp for companies in North Denmark working with development of innovative technologies.

The camp will focus on a limited amount of companies who will become part of an exclusive network. Through the planned processes of the camp the companies will gain essential market knowledge and at the same time have the opportunity to strengthen technical know-how and skills - and not least establish business cooperation with selected German technology companies.

The camp is organized jointly by "Væksthus Nordjylland" and "Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich".

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ICNR 2014 - promote your company

ICNR 2014 - bringing together academia and industry

The 2nd International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation will take place in Aalborg on 24-26 June 2014 at Aalborg Congress & Culture Center. The main themes of the conference are:

  • Neurorehabilitation applications and solutions to replacing lost motor and/or sensory functions

  • Neurorehabilitation applications and solutions to restore or repair impaired neurological functions

  • Techniques and methods in neurorehabilitationTranslational challenges in neurorehabilitation  


Eir will as a co-organizer facilitate a commercially oriented track with emphasis on bringing cutting-edge innovative technologies and research in Neurorehabilitation from bench to bedside!

The track will encompass both industrial and societal perspectives on applying Neurorehabilitation technologies, inspiring case stories of bringing innovative research to a commercial product and discussions on how future progress can benefit from close collaboration between private and public partners.

The track will include a commercial fair - a Hot Spot for Neurorehabilitation technologies, where researchers, companies and clinicians are invited to present cutting-edge research, novel technologies and state of the art solutions and products through poster presentations.

Promote your company or institution at ICNR 2014

ICNR invites you to exhibit and promote your company or institution at the conference. You can also participate as a sponsor.

Please find your exhibitor and sponsor opportunities here. For full details please see the exhibitor and sponsor material (PDF) - for further information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Who will attend?

This conference is essential for rehabilitation medicine specialists, engineers, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, neurophysiologists, and all other professionals involved in neuromuscular rehabilitation research.

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Co-creation – a force for Innovation

Co-creation is a strategy used within many areas to boost Innovation capabilities and results. It is about involving employees, customers, suppliers, etc. in joint innovation activities for mutual benefit. At this seminar you will hear how different companies are using co-creation in their innovation.

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This seminar is organized by Eir partners and is hosted by University College Nordjylland.

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