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Teledi@log conference - findings and experiences

We are happy to invite you to a Teledi@log conference presenting research findings and experiences from the project.


Thursday 25 September from 12.00 to 15.30


Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, Building A, room no. B3-104


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Project description

The idea behind the Teledi@log research and innovation project is to develop telerehabilitation concepts and technologies, so that all types of heart patients, regardless of severity, can be offered individualised, differentiated and coordinated telerehabilitation across sectors.

The project is innovative and challenges the limits of existing national and international research projects in this area. The existing rehabilitation offered to cardiac patients in Denmark is inadequate. Only 3% of the more than 86,000 Danes hospitalized each year with cardiovascular disorders receive some kind of rehabilitation (Hjerteforeningen 2010). The same low level of participation in cardiac rehabilitation is found in Europe and in the U.S. The objective of this project is to:

  • Identify the needs of heart patients and their family members for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation in the health care system.
  • Develop a telerehabilitation program for cardiac patients and their families.
  • Prevent readmission of heart patients via more individualized rehabilitation efforts using telerehabilitation technologies.
  • Research heart patients and their families as actors in their own rehabilitation process with the use of new technologies.
  • Research the experiences of heart patients, families and health professionals in their use of remote rehabilitation technologies, including social media.
  • Research the implementation of a telerehabilitation program on a larger scale viewed from an inter-organisational perspective.
  • Assess the health economy potentials for implementing a telerehabilitation program for heart patients across the cardiological and cardio-surgical specialties, sectors and municipal boundaries.

Press release

Drug Development Symposium

Technology Platform for Drug Development
22 August 2014

We are pleased to invite you to a symposium marking the ending of a large-scale research project on developmentof pain and serological biomarkers for the improvement of diagnosis and management of painful knee osteoarthrosis. the project has been supported by the Danish national Advanced Technology Foundation.

Thanks to a combined technological, serological and clinical technological biomarker platform new tools for the pharma industry and new diagnostic and treatmentparadigms have been developed.

Eir sponsors the symposium as an inspiring example of how private - public cooperation can lead to groundbreaking results.


Please send an e-mail to Lone Schødt Andersen ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) no later than 22 August 2014.

Full program

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Telehealth Challenges in the Future - live broad cast

Birthe Dinesen performs studies at UC Berkeley these months and in connection with this she will give a lecture Wednesday 30 April 2014 at 9 pm (CEST).


"What are the challenges for deployment of telehealth in the future? This lecture will focus on giving an overview of the evidence base of telehealth within the last 20 years. What can we learn from recent studies and implementation of telehealth at scale? Telehealth has been predicted to be a quick and easy success to solve the challenges of health care for everyone and everywhere. However, for the last years studies on telehealth in Europe and the US have not lived up to the predicted expectations. The question is what are the barriers and facilitators in the past and what can we learn from them?

Birthe Dinesen has performed research within telehealth since 2001. She is focusing on patient's perspective using telehealth and how to organize telehealth the best way in the healthcare sector. She is participating in national and international telehealth studies in Europe, China, USA and Australia.

Please click here for a live broad cast of the lecture






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