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Health Technology Festival 26 January 2015

The Health Technology Festival presents the results of various innovative projects aiming towards finding new and improved solutions for health and welfare technology in North Denmark.

All projects are based on collaboration between the private and the public sector and are supported by The North Denmark Region. The following main projects and institutions are facilitators and initiators of the projects. Together they will host the Health Technology Festival:

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Inspirational speakers will present and share their knowledge and experiences at the festival. Keynote speaker Anders Hvid, author, entrepreneur and ambassador of Singularity University of Denmark will present his views on how our future is shaped by the technological development.

The Health Technology Festival is directed at public and private decision makers with an interest in developing and implementing new health technology solutions – and offers great opportunity to establish new partnerships.

We hope to see you at North Denmark's Health Technology Festival on 26 January 2015 at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre.

Please visit the website, see the full program, and register here 



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