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Lecture: "Value Based Care and Telehealth"

Laboratory of Telehealth & Telerehabilitation and Eir cordially invite you to take part in a lecture by:

Dr. Nancy Albert, PhD, Adjunct Professor Aalborg University


11 November 2014, 8:00-8:45


Aalborg University, Niels Jernes Vej 14, room 4-111


Value Based Care and Telehealth


The 2 objectives of this presentation are to: (1) discuss the tenets of value-based care and (2) describe the importance of telehealth in the era of value based purchasing. With changes in governmental reimbursement of heath care (with the Affordable Care Act), hospital-based and external health care reform and cost repositioning are important leadership functions that will affect how we deliver healthcare in the future. This session will help you understand the current state of healthcare and where we are heading in the future related to telemedicine and telehealth.


Dr. Nancy M. Albert is the Associate Chief Nursing Officer of Nursing Research and Innovation for Cleveland Clinic Health System, composed of 9 hospitals and 18 ambulatory care and surgical centers in Northeast Ohio, and 1 hospital each in Florida, Abu Dhabi (opens in 2015) and a Neurological Hospital and Ambulatory care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, she is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in an Advanced Heart Failure Clinic on the main campus of Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio.



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