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Telehealth Challenges in the Future - live broad cast

Birthe Dinesen performs studies at UC Berkeley these months and in connection with this she will give a lecture Wednesday 30 April 2014 at 9 pm (CEST).


"What are the challenges for deployment of telehealth in the future? This lecture will focus on giving an overview of the evidence base of telehealth within the last 20 years. What can we learn from recent studies and implementation of telehealth at scale? Telehealth has been predicted to be a quick and easy success to solve the challenges of health care for everyone and everywhere. However, for the last years studies on telehealth in Europe and the US have not lived up to the predicted expectations. The question is what are the barriers and facilitators in the past and what can we learn from them?

Birthe Dinesen has performed research within telehealth since 2001. She is focusing on patient's perspective using telehealth and how to organize telehealth the best way in the healthcare sector. She is participating in national and international telehealth studies in Europe, China, USA and Australia.

Please click here for a live broad cast of the lecture






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