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"Advanced semen analysis incl. DNA-fragmentation"

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 Friday 27 September 2013 at 10:00 (registration from 09:30)

Aalborg University

Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, 9220 Aalborg, room no. B2-109

Assessment of sperm has over the years by many been regarded as something secondary to assessment of ova, oocytes and embryos. Often the most inexperienced of the laboratory staff have been asked to evaluate the semen sample. It is our belief that the outcome of subfertility treatment could be improved considerably, if semen and sperm assessment would be taken more seriously.

This may not be as simple as it may sound. This workshop will deal with subjective and objective semen analysis. The lack of accuracy and standardization using the older subjective method can make it difficult, if not impossible, for physicians to interpret semen analysis results or to compare results obtained from different laboratories. We will discuss the mistakes, which can inadvertently be made during a subjective analysis, and the advantages – and disadvantages – of an automated CASA (Computer Aided Sperm Assay) system.

Based on this background, an extremely important subject, particularly in patients on the border line of fertility is that it is (wrongly) assumed that a two day period of abstinence is required for both good semen analysis as well as for artificial fertilization/ART procedures. Recent research on humans as well as a very wide group of animals show that an ejaculate obtained relatively few hours after a first ejaculate is better than the first. Sperm DNA- fragmentation has become an important criterion to judge sperm integrity and quality.

DNA fragmentation can be an indicator for life style problems causing infertility and could also result in disease such as diabetes, pathological obesity, etc. hence being of economic importance.

Fertility treatment and fertility preservation are important issues for endangered species. Aalborg Zoo and Aalborg University are playing important roles in this field, where knowledge from the human experience is being utilized.

The workshop will cover the above subjects and is of interest to industries dealing with products and techniques.

Expected outcome

Scientific lectures by globally known specialists in the field of fertility will provide an update on the current status of fertility diagnosis, treatment and preservation. This allows for collaboration and the import of new science and technologies.

Industries working on sperm diagnosis instruments and kits and culture media will have a chance to introduce their products to fertility specialists in Denmark.





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