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Eir achievements

Siden etableringen i 2011 har EIR:

• Created 60 new knowledge-based workplaces/jobs in North Denmark Region
• Facilitated four new spin-out companies
• Established 35 collaborative projects with researchers and companies
• Attracted 52,58 mio. Danish kroner in external funding
• Facilitated 16 patent applications
• Identified 60 test facilities
• Been in contact with +300 companies and industry researchers
• Obtained +65 media coverages (TV, radio, printed)
• Published +100 scientific publications
• Scouted for new ideas among +600 students
• Attracted researcher from international companies to North Denmark
• Attracted a Center of Excellence
• Organized arrangements/events with more than +1.350 participants
• Established EmpEir – a scouting and idea development initiative targeted students

Overall Eir hast contributed to support and promote:

• Collaboration within health scientific, technological and clinical research and innovation
• Built up procedures for test and validation of products/solutions
• Attraction of Danish and foreign collaborators and investments to North Denmark
• Profiling the North Danish competencies nationally and internationally
• Positioning with regards to solving societal challenges
• Research-based entrepreneurship

An external evaluation of Eir in 2014 specifically emphasized that Eir has:

• Contributed to research-based business development in North Denmark
• Contributed to increased growth and employment towards new start-up companies
• Contributed to the establishment of knowledge-based workplaces/jobs
• Contributed to long term business economic return on investments
• Contributed to cluster growth
• Built up an innovation culture among researchers and students
• Carried out and implemented an internationalization strategy
• Utilized the built up test capacity for the benefit of local companies
• Involved students in business collaborations
• Patented inventions as a foundation for new product ideas and companies
• Established new spin-out companies
• Carried through business critical activities
• Attracted project funding and investments
• Supported networking activites as a pipeline for business oriented projects



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