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Recruiting patients

North Denmark has a registered population of 600,000+ inhabitants, 500,000+ out-patient visits/year, approx. 38,000 surgical interventions/year, and approx. 243,000 hospitalizations. Combining then these numbers with the Danish health care patient registration system, groups of selected patient populations can efficiently and easily be recruited for small or large clinical trials.

In immediate continuation of this, Aalborg University and the hospitals of the North Denmark Region defined a common project aiming towards recruiting more subjects. This led to the launching of a major campaign called "Make a difference - become a test subject".

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Download other campaign material:       Roll Up Screen (17mb)            A4 Posters (7mb)

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness - both nationally and internationally - on the need for more subjects in North Denmark in connection with medical and clinical testing. The campaign has proven a success and more than 4300 subjects (patients as well as healthy test subjects) have signed up.

Continuously focusing on further strengthening the cooperation between the public and the private sector this project is supported by Eir.



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