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Living Labs in the Municipalities

The municipalities of North Denmark are all partners in Eir. In order to fulfil Eirs vision to further develop North Denmark as the leading region in Europe for clinical trials, the municipalities of the region plays an important role with regard to providing Living Lab facilities as well as end-user test subjects in terms of citizens, patients etc.

If you as a company or a researcher want to carry out clinical tests and trials in a real-life-environment below please find a list of the municipalities that will be at your disposal for offering tests and trials.

Each test and trial with one of the municipalities needs to be based upon a mutual agreement between the municipality and the company in question.

Eir will facilitate the contact to the individual municipality. Please contact the Eir secreteriat:

The municipality of Hjørring Hjoerringkommune bw
The municipality of Hjørring is at disposal as a Living Lab within three areas as defined in the digitalisation and welfare strategy within the areas of health and care for the elderly and disabled. Read more...
The municipality of Læsø Læsø Kommune
The municipality of Læsø is interested in entering into collaboration with companies considering clinical trials in real-life environments. Read more...
The municipality of Aalborg
aalborg kommune
The challenges of The Department of Care for the Elderly and Disabled in Aalborg Municipality are well-known: More elderly people and a higher demand for care with less staff and resources. Read more...


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