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Laboratory for Functional Genomics
- To perform and apply DNA sequence driven genome and transcriptome analyses

Main Research Areas:
- Molecular biology assisted crop improvement of potatoes
- Molecular analysis of complex bacterial communities
- Development of algorithms for analysis of high throughput sequencing data

Functional Genomics

Head of Laboratory:
- Kåre L. Nielsen

Laboratory for Protein Chemistry
- To investigate the relationship between structure and function of proteins, using recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and characterization

Main Research Areas:
- Structure and function of metallo-proteases and their inhibitors
- Molecular regulation of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system
- Molecular mechanism for inheritable heart arrhythmia

Protein Chemistry

Head of Laboratory:
- Michael T. Overgaard

Laboratory for NMR Spectroscopy
- The NMR Group at AAU is working with structural biology, metabolomics and metabolic flux analyses

Main Research Areas:
- Projects in Structural Biology deal with antimicrobial peptides, alginate epimerases and calcium-binding proteins
- Projects in Metabolomics deal with acute lung injury, chronic and acute kidney disease

NMR Spectroscopy

Head of Laboratory:
- Reinhard Wimmer

Laboratory for Bioprocess Technology
- The research in Bioprocess Technology is focused on enzyme technology, biocatalysis, and microbial processes

Main Research Areas:
- Optimization of fermentation of bacteria, fungi and algae
- Heterogeneity in cultures of E. coli and other microorganisms
- Enzyme catalysed modification
- Synthesis of carbohydrates

Bioprocess Technology

Head of Laboratory:
- Lars Pedersen & Niels Eriksen

Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology
- Environmental Biotechnology focuses on fundamental understanding and use of complex microbial ecosystems (aggregates and biofilms)

Main Research Areas:
- Medical microbiology
- Environmental challenges such as air and wastewater treatment, phosphate recovery and detoxification of micropollutants
- Development of methods and their application in systems microbiology (e.g. metagenomics)

Environmental Biotechnology

Head of Laboratory:
- Per H. Nielsen & Jeppe L. Nielsen



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