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Laboratories within the scientific research areas at Aalborg University

Aalborg University houses a number of highly advanced laboratories and equipment. Often the equipment is very costly since it has to fulfill a number of requirements with regard to classifications, proofs and rules.

For the individual company it is very costly to invest in some of this laboratory equipment. By entering into a co-operation with researchers from AAU, it is possible to get access to the advanced facilities in the many laboratories.

Below please find a list of scientific research areas. Descriptions of laboratories and testfacilities affiliated with each of these research areas can be found by clicking the specific research area. For contact information please contact the Eir secretariat.

Physical Activity and Human Performance
phap front
Pain and Motor Systems
Pain RIG front
Neural Engineering and Neurophysiology of Movement
Neuro RIG front
Integrative Neuroscience
IN RIG Front
Respiratory and Critical Care

Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics


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