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Company Access to Laboratories at AAU

Conducting research and tests in the field of health science and technology can be a costly affair. Both in regards to the high-end technological equipment and facilities that often needs special certifications and approvals, but also in regards to training and the necessary competences of the employees.

Aalborg University offers access for companies to the many fully equipped research laboratories, and provide support from highly trained laboratory technicians and researchers.


In order to gain access to the many research laboratories and the clinical and technical equipment found at Aalborg University a research collaboration could be initated between the company and researchers from Aalborg University, otherwise a contract allowing the company access to the equipment and facilities has to be formulated and signed. The contract will address the rights and regulations as well as the expected expenses that fall to the company. Contracts will be formulated on a case by case basis, depending on the specific laboratory.

The most common expected expenses include:

  • Laboratory access per hour (All laboratories have an individual hour-based rent)
  • Lab. Technician per hour (All companies are obliged to pay for a laboratory technician)
  • Disposables (Electrodes, gels, tape etc.)
  • Overhead 38%
  • Insurances

Furthermore the university is first and foremost an institution for education and research. Therefore all access to the laboratory will be given according to the students and researchers using the laboratory, giving first priority to the needs of students and researchers. But the remaining capacity of the laboratories will be available to companies.

Confidentiality & IPR:

In terms of confidentiality and intellectual property rights any knowledge attained by laboratory technicians or other affiliated staff at Aalborg University may not be passed on to any third parties without  written consent from the implicated company.

Research Collaborations:

In case actual research collaboration is started new agreements and contracts have to be made in order to regulate the rights and obligations of both the company and Aalborg University in relation to the specific research collaboration, including the intellectual property rights.

For more information please contact the Eir secreteriat.

As a company involved in the development of welfare and rehabilitation technologies and products, Text Box: Prototype of the Tongue Control SystemAalborg University can offer you a unique technology platform that potentially could broaden the user groups of your technology or product.


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