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Clinical trial iconEir is the portal for medical device and pharmaceutical companies to seek partners for clinical trials and in the need of easy access to advanced laboratories or clinics.

North Denmark has optimal conditions for executing clinical research in various therapeutic areas. The Region offers pre-clinical and clinical trials within biomedical technology and pharmaceutical products.

The advantage of placing trials in North Denmark is the proximity between the hospitals and various departments, i.e. several hospitals can recruit patients for the same study. This makes it possible to perform large, single center trials in North Denmark.

Denmark is among the cheapest countries in Western Europe for performing clinical trials. Furthermore, the costs per evaluable data point come out favorable due to high patient retention. In general, Denmark has a long tradition for studies on healthy volunteers for basic and proof-of-concept studies.

Danish hospitals have the capacity, the high efficiency, and broad experience in executing clinical trials. This is among other things due to a high educational level and outstanding English skills. All Danish hospitals follow the same GCP guidelines for clinical trials.

The Danish track record for clinical trial aspects per capita is among the best in the world.

The protocol approval system in Denmark is very efficient with local ethics committees and Danish Medicines Agency. The Danish Government has clinical trials as a high priority and ensures that the approval time is low (approx. one month).





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