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Why North Denmark?

North Denmark is the only region in Europe where basic and applied health science and technology research cooperate closely in a strategic alliance with the health sector (clinical research) and the business community.

North Denmark hosts several international clinical trial units which - together with researchers and clinical facilities - offer the region as one united clinical test site. With a population of approx. 600,000, most clinical trials on medical devices or pharmaceutical products can be performed on selected patient populations. 

Reasons to locate in North Denmark

  • Advanced research at university and hospital

  • International university environment

  • Highly specialized university hospital

  • A longstanding tradition for collaboration between business and research environments

  • An innovative business and research environment

  • Quick and easy access to established companies

  • Quick and easy access to public organizations/institutions

  • Educations in biomedical engineering, sport, biotechnology, and medicine

  • Clusters of biomedical and ICT companies (Information and Communication Technology)

  • A well-developed infrastructure

  • Strong support from public authorities

  • Attractive cost quality level

  • Cheap real estate and accommodation

  • Access to highly educated workforce

  • Building sites and office space available for immediate industrial development

  • International schools at all levels, a rich cultural life, safe city, and close to nature 

Facts about North Denmark

  • Favorable incentive programs when investing in research

  • Non-bureaucratic and very flexible labor market rules

  • Competitive remuneration costs for employees with superior education and for management in general

  • Aalborg University and the hospitals have a flexible approach to commercialization

  • Aalborg University and the hospitals play an active role in protecting IPR (Intellectual Property Right)

  • Attractive co-financing models between Aalborg University and industry 


  • 7,933 sq. km
  • 18.4% of the total area of Denmark 


  • Approx. 600,000 inhabitants
  • 11.3 % of the total Danish population 


The hospitals in North Denmark represent practically all medical specialties, and offer most types of treatment. The status of Aalborg Hospitals as a university hospital is of great importance to the high standard which the regional hospitals possess.

  • 4 hospitals on 11 sites

  • Approx. 1,800 beds

  • Approx. 500,000 outpatients

  • Approx. 1,344 clinicians in terms of man-year

  • Approx. 3,940 nurses in terms of man-year 

Aalborg University

  • Approx. 18,000 students

  • Approx. 1,230 researchers

  • Approx. 950 phd students 

Transparent and stable taxation system

  • 25% corporate income tax – the lowest in Scandinavia

  • Special tax scheme for foreign researchers and key employees: Flat tax rate of 26% over a period of 5 years

  • Among the World´s lowest rates for employer-paid social insurances 

Denmark in general

  • Financial stability and transparency

  • The public sector is respected for its quality, its service mindedness and its positive approach to business

  • Flexible labor market – most flexible hiring and firing regulations in Europe

  • Qualified and motivated workforce – skilled labor ranked no. 1 in Europe

  • Excellent language skills

  • Access to entire the EU market place

  • The best test market in the world

  • International airports (incl. Aalborg)

  • Dense and highly developed transportation infrastructure

  • A major player and home to global pharmaceutical companies

  • A strong and innovative medical technology industry

  • Among the top 10 nations in the world when it comes to developing and applying new technology

  • A unique interplay between universities and private companies on research

  • Office rental costs and corporate taxes are the lowest in Scandinavia and generally below EU average

  • Offers some of the world's lowest data and telecommunication rates

  • Competitive salary levels for especially management/scientists

  • Ranked no. 1 in the world on productivity of companies

  • Fast and efficient approval of clinical trials



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