Research & Business Park


Eir contributes to research-based innovation and business development and growth within health science and technology for the benefit of industry, the health sector, public institutions, and patients.

To further develop North Denmark as the leading region in Europe for clinical trials, interdisciplinary health science and technology research, and innovation.

Strategic objectives

  • To retain existing and develop/attract new national and international companies

  • To stimulate and support existing companies

  • To develop Eir as a significant and visible profile within health science and technology, including clinical research and development

  • To expand as a natural and essential partner during the innovation process for companies

  • To substantiate the region as preferred partner for test and validation of new medical devices, clinical procedures, and pharmaceutical produces (clinical trials)

  • To develop an organisation focusing on professional handling of dialogue, exchange of experience, cooperation, and business relations between public partners and industry

  • To maintain and further develop the interdisciplinary research environments across departments, faculties, organisations, and industries

  • To facilitate and establish research and development cooperation with a wide range of companies both locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally

  • To promote the competencies, facilities, and cooperation possibilities internationally

  • To provide the basis for attracting new investments in research, innovation, and development

  • To support the commercialisation of inventions within the area




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