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Eir was established on 1 of January 2011 by means from the European Regional Development Fund, Aalborg University and the North Denmark Region.

Eir is a joint initiative focusing on knowledge-intensive, research-based business development in North Denmark.

Aalborg University has invested massively in interdisciplinary research, educations, and laboratories within health science and technology. This - together with advanced clinical research disciplines and facilities at the regional hospitals - provides the unique basis for Eir.

Approximately 300 biomedical and ICT companies are located in North Denmark with substantial intra-cluster collaborations and interaction with researchers at Aalborg University and hospitals in the region. Particularly companies within clinical trials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical technology, sports, rehabilitation, and biotechnology are the target group for Eir.

North Denmark with its efficient access to patients via Eir and the presence of internationally recognized clinical trial units makes the region very attractive and competitive as a clinical trial area for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

Aalborg Universities graduates approx. 300 students and 60 PhD students yearly within this interdisciplinary area providing access to qualified candidates for research and the local industry.

New research-based companies establishing in the region as well as other international public-private partnerships will benefit from these assets.

Eir in brief

  • Utilizes synergies and innovation opportunities within the field of clinical sciences, biotechnology, biomedical technology, sports technology, health science, welfare technology, medicine, etc.

  • Utilizes the potential to create synergy between education, research, and clinics

  • Utilises synergies between companies

  • Merges research, industry, and companies

  • Is a joint strategic focus area between Aalborg University, regional Hospitals, institutions, and industry

  • Facilitates access to patients and clinical trial units for testing medical devices, clinical procedures, and pharmaceuticals

  • Creates new business opportunities and adds value to mature companies

  • Fosters entrepreneurship and incubates new innovative companies

  • Generates knowledge-based jobs

  • Builds attractive environments for the emerging knowledge workers

  • Enhances the synergy between universities and companies




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