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Clinical Trials in North Denmark

Eir facilitates North Denmark as a geographically confined region for efficiently carrying out clinical trials on new medical devices, clinical procedures, and pharmaceutical products. Aalborg University, hospitals and clinical trial units have extensive experience in collaborating with national and international industries performing clinical trials in healthy volunteers or selected patient populations for small proof-of-concept studies as well as large clinical trials involving hundreds of patients.

The basis of patients in North Denmark is approx. 600,000 inhabitants. This combined with a well-developed computerized health insurance register and a computerized register of social security numbers makes it possible to carry out fast and efficient studies.

Two international Contract-Research-Organizations (CROs) are located in the region (CCBR and C4Pain) providing full service to medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Denmark has a quick and efficient fast track approval system with a regional ethics committee and a national board of health. Approvals can be granted within less than a month after protocol submission.


"Denmark, world´s most advantageous country to invest in a five year perspective"
Economist Intelligence Unit (2008-2012)




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